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Welcome to Eating is a Lifestyle: The Podcast; with Registered Dietitians Tobi Page and Meredith Kleinhenz. In this podcast, we talk about real-life examples of how to eat well and enjoy life with food. Along the way, we will break down stigmatizing diet culture and share stories and evidence-based information so you can make the best decisions for yourself and the ones you love. We sincerely hope you enjoy our conversations. We are here to share our stories and our expertise with you so that you can eat well, stress less about food, and find smarter, not harder ways to nourish yourself and the ones you love. This podcast is not intended to replace medical advice and we strongly recommend you talk to a Registered Dietitian if you have any concerns about your diet or your relationship with food.

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Thursday Apr 04, 2024

A conversation with Dr. Brian Seitz from Spellmeyer Chiropractic reveals how good nutrition and good spinal function reduce inflammation and can help reduce our risk of chronic disease. 
To get an idea of your ratio of omega-3's:omega-6's, and therefore a sense of whether or not your diet has too much processed oils, check out Omega 3 Index:
Here's a link to the Vagus nerve stimulator Dr. Seitz recommends for a techy way to calm your nervous system.
For more on the medical controversy between the AMA and chiropractors in the 1980's, check out Wilk vs AMA Looking back at the lawsuit that transformed the chiropractic profession
Connect with Dr. Seitz at Spellmeyer Chiropractic in Hillsboro, Oregon
Thanks for listening, have a healthy day!
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Monday Feb 12, 2024

Tobi is joined by fellow dietitian, Alison Bame, who shares her amazing story of beating cancer just to be thrown into early menopause and a chain reaction of hormonal imbalance. Today Alison is living her best life, full of energy, and shares her expertise in Women's Health with us!
Find Alison at 
*Fact check: Organic produce typically has been sprayed with organic pesticides and herbicides

The Origin Story of The Big 4

Tuesday Nov 14, 2023

Tuesday Nov 14, 2023

Meredith interviews Tobi about The Big 4. Listen in to learn how it all started. Tobi shares how her "moxie" mixed with her background in education led to the creation of this revolutionary model. Tobi shares how her clients are using the Big 4 to lose weight, manage diabetes, and improve their relationship with food. After keeping it a secret for years, Tobi is making The Big 4 accessible to everyone. 
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Saturday May 20, 2023

What's for dinner? Hear how Tobi and Meredith manage meal planning in their busy lives. They have some great tips and share stories of failures of the past and struggles remaining today. 
Meredith's Meal Planning Journal can be purchased through Amazon from
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Tuesday Mar 21, 2023

Hunger, fullness, and the feeling of satiety are complex, to say the least. Tobi describes her Hunger/Fullness Scale and we talk about The Mindful Eating Script from Dr. Michelle May. Meredith shares her experiences of learning from patients with dementia.
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Wednesday Feb 08, 2023

Whether you're eating "100% Yum, 0% Guilt" chips or a juicy bacon cheeseburger- all foods fit, right? Tobi and Meredith talk about how to know what "eat in moderation" means for you. 

Episode 1 Intros

Thursday Aug 04, 2022

Thursday Aug 04, 2022

Tobi and Meredith introduce themselves with stories from childhood to today. Both dietitians share their passion for real-life eating and why this podcast is important. Thanks for listening!
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Tobi and Meredith

Welcome! Join us for some light-hearted conversations about healthy eating in real life. We are two dietitians who understand the challenges of eating well with a busy lifestyle.

In our work, we see the harm done by diet culture and weight bias across the lifespan. We want to shout it from the rooftops, "It's okay to eat that!" Let's talk about eating well and enjoying life with food. Thanks for joining us!

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